The Show

The beauty of Circus lies in unfathomable places.

CLØWNS & QUEENS is dirty circus. Clown eroticism. Humiliation as entertainment. Pre-raphaelite hoola hooping. Horizontal juggling.

Somewhere between Circus and performance art,  the company’s new work is a departure.This is juggling disrobed, unthroned.
Away from their usual mathematical obsessions, this universe is about the juggler’s body, about the juggler’s perversity. With echoes of Stanley Kubrick and Federico Fellini.
5 queens and 4 clowns in a white space with costumes designed by Gemma Banks.

“…the risk pays off: it is in the intersection between circus, dance and madness that the most exciting living theatre comes alive.”  - [TRANSLATED FROM] Édouard Launier, Libération, 27 March 2013  - English translation here

Liberation article Clowns and Queens 26.03.2013
LOGOS collage final2